Veterinarians and Pit bull owners react to proposed ordinance – WALB


Dr. Carie Wisell often
treats pit bulls here at Companion Animal Hospital. 

“I love them
personally, I have very few bad ones here, and the ones that are bad the owners
know they’re bad, and we just muzzle them and go on with business,” said
Dr. Carrie Wisell, Companion Animal Hospital.

She says a muzzle on a pit
bull would prevent the dog from hurting anyone. 
She doesn’t agree with the ordinance Albany City Commissioners seem
poised to pass.

“Being primarily
military we lived in a lot of states and a lot of towns where they pretty much
require basket muzzles, that’s a cheap alternative,” said Wisell.

The current proposed
ordinance would require pit bull owners to have a six foot fence, with a
covered pen that is at least 25 feet from their property line.  It would also require owners to have 100,000
dollars of liability insurance. Dr. Wisell says many pit bull owners can’t
afford that.

“Well personally I
think it’s going to make it unaffordable, I feel like the people who are
responsible pet owners, they are going to end up having to pay out of their
pocket, and a lot,” said Wisell.

Wisell believes the
ordinance will lead to some dangerous unintended consequences.

“Here is what’s going
to happen, you are going to have a flood of pit bulls being relinquished,”
said Wisell.

Joanne Hawkins has a pit
bull named Max. She spent more than $500 dollars to comply with rules for pit
bulls in Lee County.

“We have the kennel,
we have the six foot privacy fence, so our dog have freedom to roam,” said
Joanne Hawkins.

Hawkins says she doesn’t believe pit bulls
are dangerous and she doesn’t think their owners should be singled out. Dr. Wisell says pens like
the ones that would be mandated by the ordinance can be extremely

She spent more than $3,000 for
an enclosure for her pets. Only one city commissioner voted against
the pit bull ordinance Monday night. It
must pass a second vote in February to become law.

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