Tennessee Highway Patrol part of six-state campaign to enforce safety on I-75

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will collaborate with officers in five other states this weekend to enforce an effort to keep Interstate 75 safe and fatality-free.

The campaign, called Staying Alive on I-75, is a partnership with all the states that I-75 runs through (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan). The enforcement effort will run March 28-30 and seeks to keep the entire 1,786-mile stretch void of fatal accidents during this time. 

Staying Alive on I-75 is part of a nationwide initiative by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to reduce traffic fatalities in the U.S. by 15 percent in 2014. 

THP Col. Tracy Trott said in a prepared statement: 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is proud to participate in this multistate campaign. I have challenged all members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol to think strategically and use all available resources to help reduce the number of fatalities in Tennessee, not just this weekend, but throughout this entire year. As part of our own Drive to Zero Fatalities Campaign, we will be aggressive in the enforcement of reckless traffic violations that lead to injury or fatal crashes on Tennessee’s highways.

The campaign entails an increased presence from law enforcement agencies and will focus on distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, speeders, seat belt usage and commercial vehicle safety. 

According to state officials, this is the first time these six states have teamed up to ensure multistate drivers will see consistent enforcement throughout their time on I-75, which runs north to south across the eastern section of Tennessee (through Knoxville and Chattanooga). Troopers in both these districts will enforce a zero-tolerance policy for reckless traffic violations that contribute to crashes, officials said.  

“The citizens of Tennessee deserve the safest highways possible,” Trott said. “Multistate efforts like this one help us better protect the motoring public and save lives.”