Slick roads lead to multi-vehicle wreck in Campbell County – WATE

6 News Reporter

JELLICO (WATE) – Slick roads caused a mess on Interstate 75 in Campbell County Monday morning,
causing a pile-up that closed the northbound lands of I-75 for several
hours, leaving many drivers stranded.

The accident happened on Interstate 75 North near mile marker 158, just south of Jellico. Three tractor trailers and several other cars were involved.

Rain fell early and temperatures dropped fast, leaving a dangerous path for many travelers. Woody Bricker found himself in the middle of a scary situation.

“We were just coming down the highway here, and all of the sudden, this
truck in front of me here jackknifed and I saw brake lights left and
right and I didn’t know what to do. And like I said, my car started
sliding,” said Bricker.

Bricker was lucky. His car scraped the wall, but came out fairly clean. The drivers of a few tractor trailers and several other cars were not as lucky.

“Didn’t really have time to think about it you know. All I was thinking about doing was getting stopped,” said Bricker.

The accident blocked the I-75 northbound lanes for hours, sending drivers
in the other direction or leaving them to wait out the clean up. Many were caught off guard by the blast of winter weather.

“We were
going to go through West Virginia, but the storm is going that way so we
went around behind it. Should have gone further west I guess,” said Calvin Meyaard.

“We were worried about it. For the
most part we were thinking ‘Oh, it’s just rain,’ but we didn’t know what we
were going to find until we got into it,” said Kris Christensen.

By 11 a.m., those lanes were back open and those travelers were on their way again.

No serious injuries were reported in the crash.