Six States’ Law Enforcers to Saturate I-75

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) is collaborating with state law enforcement agencies in five other states in an effort to keep one of the country’s a major interstates safe and fatality-free. The six states that line the Interstate 75 corridor (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan) will participate March 28–30 in an intensified enforcement effort called “Staying Alive on I-75.” They say with all states working together, the entire 1,786 miles of I-75 will be covered under this enforcement action.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol is proud to participate in this multi-state campaign. I have challenged all members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol to think strategically and use all available resources to help reduce the number of fatalities in Tennessee, not just this weekend, but throughout this entire year. As part of our own ‘Drive to Zero Fatalities’ campaign, we will be aggressive in the enforcement of reckless traffic violations that lead to injury or fatal crashes on Tennessee’s highways,” Colonel Tracy Trott said.

During the three day period, law enforcement agencies in each state will have an increased presence on I-75, focusing on distracted driving. In addition, troopers in each state will be checking for aggressive drivers, speeders, seatbelt use, and commercial vehicle safety. While these focus areas are something the Tennessee Highway Patrol does every day, it is the first time these six states have teamed up to ensure multi-state travelers will see consistent enforcement throughout their trip on I-75.

I-75 runs north to south across the eastern section of Tennessee, through Knoxville and Chattanooga. Tennessee state troopers in both of those districts will enforce a zero tolerance policy for reckless traffic violations that contribute to crashes.

The Highway Patrol offers the following tips for safe travels on the roads, whether going a long distance or a short drive:
•    Buckle up – a seatbelt is the most important safety feature in a vehicle;
•    Obey all speed limits;
•    Drive sober and alert;
•    Eliminate driver distractions such as texting, talking on the phone, adjusting the stereo – anything that can take your eyes off the road, even for one second can lead to a crash;
•    Get plenty of rest before setting out on a trip and allow plenty of time to reach your destination; and
•    Take steps before you leave to prepare your vehicle for the trip i.e. checking tire pressure/condition and fluid levels.

“The citizens of Tennessee deserve the safest highways possible. Multi-state efforts like this one help us better protect the motoring public and save lives,” Trott said.

Six States’ Law Enforcers to Saturate I-75