Morehead State student, Covington native killed in I-75 crash

A Scott High School graduate and volunteer Holy Cross High School football coach died in a winter-related car accident late Sunday on Interstate 75.

Williamstown police said Joseph Lorenz’s car ran into the back of a tractor-trailer that had slowed in Sunday’s snow.

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Joseph Lorenz, 23, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Joseph Lorenz’s mother said her son surprised her with a visit home from Morehead State University last weekend.

When it was time for him to head back to school, she asked him to call her when he got there safely. But the call never came.

Investigators said Joseph Lorenz was traveling alone and was wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident.

“Joey was one who enjoyed life. He lived life to the utmost. He was just always in a good mood. (He was) very carefree,” Joey’s mother, Mary Lorenz said.

Joseph Lorenz was a 2009 graduate of Scott High School, where he played baseball and football.

But it was Joseph Lorenz’s spirit and service that his parents said defined him. He was very active in his church and was a member of the teen leadership club.

Teaching seemed like a natural fit too. Joseph Lorenz was set to graduate with a teaching degree from Morehead State in May.

“He was student-teaching this semester and Morehead is on spring break this week and that’s why he was going back to school, because he had to student-teach today,” Mary Lorenz said.

Joseph Lorenz never made it back. About 30 minutes from home, on I-75 southbound in Grant County, investigators said Joseph Lorenz’s car rear-ended a tractor trailer in the middle of Sunday night’s bad weather.

“We’re assuming traffic was slowing or halted and he hit a piece of ice and slid into a tractor trailer,” Mary Lorenz said.

Since then, his parents have been consoled by people that they’ve never met, people whose lives were better for having known their son.

Now, what’s hardest is thinking about what could have been.

“He was just so excited about this teaching and it just seemed like he was really growing up, really becoming more responsible, really just getting it all together. That’s when you feel like, ‘Gosh, the world’s going to miss out on it,’” Mary Lorenz said.

Joseph Lorenz also helped coach Holy Cross High School’s football team. He was with them the year they won the state championship.

The crash remains under investigation. The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.