Crashes along Interstate 75 injure four, snarl traffic – Sun

A silver Nissan Xterra swerved into another lane to avoid the Toyota, lost control and overturned, according to FHP.

The Nissan’s spare tire detached and struck a white Ford E250 van and a gray Ford Fusion. As the Nissan was flipping, it crossed all southbound lanes of the interstate and was struck by a white Chevrolet Traverse, investigators said.

The Nissan came to rest on its roof in the median, where the Chevrolet, with front-end damage, also came to a stop among crash debris that included a baby stroller.

Cited for careless driving by FHP was Eiling Penaranda, 19, of Tamarac, who drove the Toyota Camry.

The Nissan’s driver, Yudiel Cardenas, 29, of Miami, was to be charged with careless driving and having bald tires, Fletcher said.

Before the crash, Cardenas said he had been on his way to work as a floor installer.

“The only reason I am alive is God, believe me,” Cardenas said, looking at the wrecked Nissan.

Four people were taken to Cleveland Clinic, treated and released, Fletcher said.

Driving with bald tires can cause a car to lose traction, Fletcher said.

“It’s always important to keep tires in good condition, and not only at proper inflation,” Fletcher said. “By having a bald tire, you’ll hydroplane on a wet surface. It can happen with a dry surface, too. If there’s nothing for the tire to grab on to, it will slide, even on grass.”, 954-356-4233 or Twitter @LindaTrischitta